Schoonhoven brings back forgotten memories

Works by Wilfred Heaton, Eric Ball, Derek Bourgeois and Gilbert Vinter formed part of Brass Band Schoonhoven’s recent grading performance. Brass Band Schoonhoven comfortably ensured their top flight credentials for their national federation’s requirements by gaining to a commanding 92.5 points out of 100 in a Concert Division festival event held at the De Lawei in Drachten.

The obligatory event sees bands compete once every four years by providing a concert performance showcasing their standard, with performers having to secure over 85 points to maintain their grading. Brass Band Schoonhoven opened with Heaton’s ‘Toccata — Oh the Blessed Lord’ and followed it with Eric Ball’s ‘Journey into Freedom’. Derek Bourgeois’ imposing ‘Concerto for Bass Trombone’ featured soloist Rommert Groenhof before the band rounded off their programme with Gilbert Vinter’s ‘Spectrum’.

You can listen to the performance of Brass Band Schoonhoven here:

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