A new page for a new CD

I’m happy to present my new blog ‘On the Record’ to everyone of you. After the release of my first album ‘Dual‘ in 2014, the idea for a complete solo album started to develop in the months after.

In 2015 I started with the idea of asking composers if they were interested in writing new pieces for me. My goal was to get new serious music on the market which could add something new to the repertoire for euphonium. In the period that followed 3 new concerto’s and concertino’s were written by Jan Bosveld, Hendrik de Boer and Christian Overhead. After giving a premiere to some of these pieces I decided to develop my plans for a new solo album.

In 2016 I started the organisation of the whole project by asking several orchestras to work with me and I’m very happy that on the 18th of february the first recording session will take place. The new music will not only be in combination with brass band, but also with wind band and fanfare band. In this way I hope to create a unique project which will add something to the repertoire in multiple ways.


In the next months I will inform you on this blog about the whole project. There will be posts about the various compositions which I will record, information about the composers, the orchestras who will do the accompaniment, the recording sessions, pictures, demo’s, videos and much more.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog, and I even more hope you will enjoy my new solo album which will be available from July 2017!



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